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Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles I really enjoyed this book. I guess this is the 2nd in a series. The first one is "A Song for Julia". This story was a well written, beautiful, and emotional story of first love and second chance romance.

Dylan and Alex met as teenagers during an exchange program and fell in love. They lived at opposite sides of the country, and didn't make promises to stay together after the exchange program. But when they returned, they both knew they loved each other and tried to make it work. Unfortunately, the long distance was hard on both and after a fight, Dylan enlisted in the Army and was sent to Afghanistan. During his time there, they broke up, Dylan gets injured and is sent home.

Dylan and Alex end up in the same College, working on the same study program and this is where their second chance comes in.

The story was well written and told in both POVs, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is a great read, if you haven't already read this, you should!